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Notes for the parents:Edit

Animal Kingdom for kids, is an useful source for the learning of different English topics having animals vocabulary as the main glossary to connect topics, it has different materials such as videos, online exercises and quizes that will help your kid to learn English while having fun! Animal Kingdom is a wonderful and amazing world that children enjoy a lot, they are curious about different kinds of animals, and surely they are going to be interested on learning English through this vocabulary. Please be aware of the exercises that require from your help, and make sure that all the printed materials that are used are gathered in a portfolio that is going to be helpful for assigments in the school.


Animal Kingdom


Hello children and welcome to Animal Kingdom! get ready and start having fun!



Do you like animals?

Do you like going to the zoo?

What kind of animals do you know?

Whay is your favorite animal? 

If you took a minute to answer these four questions, then this wiki is for you, learn, enjoy and have fun.

let's start watching some videos! Edit

Activity # 1: Welcome to the videos section, please watch the videos and repeat the names of the animals, repeat the names as many times as you can, ask your friends or brothers and sisters to do this activitiy with you, they are also welcome! repeat with them, compete to see who repeat the better and improve your pronunciation while knowing fantastic and probably new animals for you, enjoy the activity!

Learn to count with Number Zoo Fun zoo animals Lions, Elephants, Monkeys

Learn to count with Number Zoo Fun zoo animals Lions, Elephants, Monkeys. Count 1 - 10 kids

Indentify Animals A lesson for Toddlers and Preschool Children

Indentify Animals A lesson for Toddlers and Preschool Children

Pictionary! Edit

Discover the wonderful world of animals, explore this Pictionary! and learn the different kinds of animals, we hope you like it!

you have extra activities to practice and get fun, try the word search and the cross word, compete with your friends


Pic 1


pic 2


Activity # 2 Take a look to the pictionary, download and print it, solve the crossword and the wordsearch in the activity and let us know if you have questions. share it with your friends!

Grammar practice!Edit

Activity # 3 Go the the next link practical exercises! and read the instructions, complete all the activities proposed, there are a set of activities on wild animals that you are going to enjoy! when you finish click on the "done" button and ckeck yor score, compete with your friends and repeat the exercises as many times as you want.


The jungle

listening activities!Edit

We have two listening activities for you! please follow the instructions and have fun learning!

Activity # 4 Please go to the following links:  Combining listening activity Enjoying the Zoo! . In the first link you will find five recordings on top and some worksheets on bottom, please combine them to listen and then solve the worksheets, ask for your parents help to get speakers and print your worksheets. use the second link to listen and answer the online quiz , it is about going to the zoo, you are surely going to enjoy it! 

Conversation club! Edit

Welcome to the section where you will put into practice what you have learnt so far! our conversation club! please meet some of your friends, brothers or sisters and have fun talking  about your favorite topic, Animals!

Activity # 5: For this activity  please go to the next link and read the questions, understand them and look for unknown words in the dictionary, choose five question that you like and take turns to talk about your pet or pets, try to have a conversation with your friends and get fun!  

Go the the next link  Questions about your pet!

Wild Animals

Story Reading! Edit

Welcome to the reading section of your wiki, in this section you will have the oportunity to enrich your vocabulary, improve your fluency and have fun with wonderful stories and curious data about your favourite animals.

Activity # 6 : for this activity please go the the following link, you will be sent to a reading about dolphins , you have to read it and answer the questions, please explore the web site for more interesting readings on animals and other different topics that will help you improve your reading skills, enjoy the activity! 

Reading activities on animals!



read as many stories as you can on different topics
Parents 2



Tips for parents 2

Tips for parents!Edit

Dear parent, this section is for you, we have some interesting advise for you to help your kid with the school issues:

Top 5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed in School

  1. Make sure your child is at school every day possible. “Missed work is generally more of a loss than made-up work is a gain,” Parks says. “There is no substitute for attendance.”

  2. Designate a time and place for your child to do homework. If he does not have homework, have him use the time to read. “Routine is the essence of a child’s life,” he says.

  3. Keep in touch with teachers, but don’t overdo it. “Most teachers appreciate parents caring enough to keep in touch a few times a term but do not appreciate parents expecting contact on a regular basis.”

  4. Teach your child character—it “will improve social and academic skills more than anything else,” Parks says. “Some things are simply wrong, and the world your child will grow up in will punish crimes, so give your child a head start.”

  5. Make time every day to talk with your child about the day’s activities. “Let them know you care, and really listen to what they have to say.

retrieved from:

advertise its the same for foreign languages instruction, even if you are not proficient in English, your help can be desicive when your kid is learning English, the use of dictionary and materials for beginers can be very helpful!

Time to write!Edit

In this last section of your "animal kingdom for children wiki" you will have the opportunity to put together everything you learnt and practice, remember that writing is the last step in the process, don't think it is boring, it can be very funny if you take a look at it! 

Activity # 7: for this activity, you have to create a short story about animals, it can be whatever story that comes to your mind, please include all the vocabulary of animals we have been seen and ask for your parents help for ideas, please upload your story to this wiki and let us see your ideas.

Activity # 8: Go to the next link and write what you think each animal is thinking , follow the instructions, download and print your exercises and have fun learning!

writing activity for third graders

Children Writing

Interesting extra sources!Edit

This section its for you to work on your free time, most of it are games, word activities and funny exercises for you! take a look at this, explore the different web sites, play games on different topics ask for your parents help and as always, have fun learning English!

reading game

ask for your parent´s help and enjoy

play, play and play!

explore these games

Animals games for all!!!


links from all web sites used in this wiki are the following.

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